Welcome to LID

The Liquidity Dividends Protocol uses new technology that provides solutions for depositing liquidity into Uniswap while also offering a social rewards based staking system.

Main Features

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  • Secure Purchases

    Liquidity Dividends Protocol solves the issue of Uniswap exit scamming by using standardized non-custodial presale smart contracts that lock liquidity.
  • Social Referrals

    All buyers will pay a fee in ETH. This will go into a referral pool where 2.5% of all deposits are available to the pool. When someone uses your referral code you get 2.5% of what they deposit.
  • Community Driven

    The LID team wanted to focus on incentivizing stakers to perform useful actions for the community by participating in a DAO. Between a transaction tax sent to the DAO fund, voting participation multiplier, and a referral program this is a truly community driven project.
  • Licensed LID

    The Liquidity Dividends Protocol has developed new technologies for securely depositing liquidity generated via presale into Uniswap. The goal is to license this technology out to other projects which will end Exit scams..

LID Certified Presale

LID Certified Presale offers the most secure method for new projects to do Initial Liquidity Offerings in the DeFi space. LID Protocol deploys automated, non-custodial smart contracts that trustlessly lock liquidity raised through LID presale dApps.


July 2020
Website and social media launch
Presale launch
LID Protocal official launch
August 2020
Staking live
Lid Certified Presale live
Early Access LID Staker incentives live
September 2020
Establish DAO Fund
Update website
Standardized Model for LID Certified Presales
LID available on additional dexes
October 2020
Additional LID Staker incentives
DAO Fund votes for the future of LID
Future partnerships
Automated portal for LID Certified Presales
LID can be used to purchase during LID Certified Presale


Q. How do the presale referrals work?


When purchasing tokens during a presale event, there is a fee of 2.5% applied to purchasing transactions. If someone uses your presale referral code, you get the 2.5% fee paid by them! However, your original 2.5% fee must still be covered. These referral fees are paid in ETH at the conclusion of the presale event.

Q. What if I’m past the presale stage?


We still encourage community involvement and word of mouth through referrals post launch. The same fee and referral structure of the Presale applies to all post-launch investments. Want a massive win? Refer a whale!

Q. How does LID Staking work?


There is a 2% tax applied to certain transactions in the LID Ecosystem. Transactions that are taxed at 2% are Uniswap sells, Unstaking LID from the Staking Program, and LID transfers between wallets. This amount of 2% is then distributed amongst those who are staking LID tokens.

Q. How to Stake LID?


Staking LID is as easy as pressing some buttons on a webpage!

  • Head over to our Staking dApp https://stake.lid.sh
  • Connect your applicable Web3 Wallet (such as MetaMask) to the staking page
  • Follow buttons to ‘Stake’ field
  • Please note: There is a one time registration fee of 400 LID, or 200 LID if someone uses your Staking Referral code.

Q. What is Locked Liquidity?


Uniswap is rife with a certain type of scam – the “rug pull” – in which liquidity placed in the liquidity pool is removed from unsuspecting traders and investors, thereby rendering their purchased tokens valueless. These individuals use this malicious intent to get away with ETH funds, often quite substantial in amount.

Liquidity Dividends Protocol, through LID Certified Presales, has created innovative technology that puts in place automated steps to ensure presale raised funds and tokens are locked into Liquidity Pools on Uniswap.

Once the presale timer has ended, the LID Certified Presale Smart Contract then automatically mints the liquidity pool tokens and begins burning them. Through this process, the liquidity is locked into Uniswap permanently, and is untouchable.

Q. What is the point of licensing?


Liquidity Dividends Protocol developed several unique innovative technologies for automatically depositing liquidity generated via a Presale Event directly into Uniswap. Along with Liquidity Locking, LID Certified Presales also places allocations such as Team Tokens under strict time locks. Conceptually, these technologies are designed to reduce risk, increase funds raised, and to put an end to exit scams. Through licensing, prospective projects have a ‘one stop shop’ service to get their project off the ground.

LID Certified Presales does the Presale Smart Contract hard work, so you don’t have to.

Q. LID Presales sounds great, how do I purchase a presale?


Presale events held through the LID Certified Presale service offering are announced through our various social channels; simply follow us on our socials, and when a presale event is held, follow the links to that presales purchase page. Easy!