Welcome to LID

The LID token by Liquidity Dividends Protocol allows stakers to earn rewards from bots trading on Uniswap while gaining exposure to the wide variety of assets paired against LID as locked liquidity.

Main Features

  • Decentralization

    Liquidity Dividends Protocol provides a fully complete and operational decentralized liquidity service without any central third parties who promote or maintain the LID token.
  • Diversification

    LID tokens are paired against a wide variety of microcap tokens as locked liquidity on Uniswap providing holders with full exposure to this entire suite of cryptoassets.
  • Bots Pay Stakers

    LID stakers earn a 1.9% fee from each transaction as arbitration bots balance the various pairs on Uniswap. These arbitration bots are run by third parties who may not even know of LID.
  • Audited

    The Liquidity Dividends Protocol technology has been audited by Halborn, the same security firm which services Coinbase, Bancor, and Stellar.