LID Protocol Certified Presale Application

Raising funds for your project can be a daunting task - with investor uncertainty a major factor, a solution was needed to change the DEX Presale landscape - that solution, is LID Certified Presales. LID Certified Presales takes advantage of the resale process with the Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) model. Offering a secure Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) presale to your potential investors is the first major step you can take in improving your presale success.

Please email to submit an application for a LID protocol certified presale.

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How LID Certified Presale Works

With a LID Certified Presale you're able to ensure the ETH raised during presale is trustlessly locked into a Smart Contract. Another advantage is the ability to customize the token distribution rate over a specified length of time. 5% flat in ETH raised, 1% of the project's native take goes directly to LID stakers.

Benefits of a LID-Certified Presale

LID certification is the perfect win-win solution for your project — and your investors.

  • Verifiable SC (Smart Contract) for your investors and team members to see.
  • A presale dApp to direct your investors to, that connects to your main website.
  • Time released token distribution; assists with minimizing the risks of large dumps at conclusion of presale.
  • Ability to customize presale method, from Hard Cap amount to bonding curve.
  • Presale referral rewards program; potential to make your project and presale go viral.
  • With the verification and implementation of the LID Certified Presale, your anonymity can remain intact.
  • Having the LID Protocol brand backing your presale.